What I wish for my country

I wish my country to be beautiful.

I want it  green in colour with lots of trees and plants. We need food to live. We need trees and plants for that. Only farmers can grow plants and trees. So,we want many many farmers in our country.

Also, when we grow trees and plants, we will get so much rain. That will give oxygen for us to breathe. All rivers, ponds and sea will be full of water.

My parents told that farmers are reducing in our country because all are becoming engineers and other job. I will become a farmer and farm the plants and trees and make my country healthy and beautiful.

I will also request my friends to do farming. At least we should grow small plants in our house. I love my grandparents house because they have so many trees and big garden. I will make India fully like my grandparents house. India will have so much food and oxygen.

Thank you !


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