Ant and the grasshopper

Once upon a time, there was a grasshopper. It held a guitar. It was always playing the guitar. One day when it was drinking juice, it saw some ants marching . Then the grasshopper jumped out and called one ant.He asked the ant, “Why are you working so hard? Just be like me dont work like dumb ants, just feast on food and play with me”. The queen ant came. And then, the ant which was playing with grasshopper hit the queen’s coach. The grasshopper asked same question to queen, “finish your food and play with me” but the queen ant became angry.

Next day, it was winter. The grasshopper searched for food but no food was there, only snow and snow was there. Then, in hunger he fainted near the anthill. The ants picked him up and gave him some tea and food. Then the grasshopper told I will listen to you hereafter.

Moral of the story : You can work today and reap the benefits tomorrow. Have friends always !

To see the video blog click : Ant and the grasshopper


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