My vacation in 2016

In   my  vacation, I went to my grandparents place called “Perambalur”. I had so much fun with  many many people. I love my native place a lot. It is so much fun.

  1. We went to a hotel called  Aswins  and ate  with my friend’s and  with my parent’s. That was a very jolly dinner.
  2. My ammachi got me a new bath tub. There is a funny shower at her home. We will make a swimming pool and bath for 30 mins daily.
  3. We had my sister’s motai function, she cried a lot for ear ring. I was so angry.
  4. There were many friends in kayal aunty house. We played  fire in the city run ,run,run , 1,2,3 games in the terrace and watched thangamagan movie together.
  5. I love to play with Arshiya, Rishika and my own sister Yaalini. Arshiya is also called Inaya. She will laugh when I do slurp sound. Rishika is my cousin sister. We will play cricket, watch tv and play iPad together. IMG_3325.jpg
  6. I got a new friend named Sanju, we played supermarket game, we cooked pongal and also played cricket.
  7. We had Madhu chithi wedding, there Senthil uncle told “I am gong to kaasi”. Madhan anna said “please, please please, marry my sister”. Senthil uncle said “ok” and married his sister. They did a very funny thing, they asked to see two stars, Krithika and Arundhadhi during morning and Senthil uncle said “yes, I can see”. How can they see stars in morning ?
  8. All children ate together in banana leaf and by ourself. It was interesting.IMG_3434
  9. I enjoyed sprinkling water on the love birds and giving them a bath at my grandfather’s house.
  10. I loved to visit Dhanalakshmi hotel where me and Sabapathi thatha saw IPL in such a big screen. We went there twice.
  11. I played cricket with my grandfather every  Saturday and Sunday even night 12o’clock. I will be waiting for my grandfather to come from bank.DSC_0002.JPG

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