Three boys

There were three best friends named BAVUU , HAVU,HASTIK. They wanted to build their own home with straws and woods. One day, while they were playing, a straw seller came and asked do  you want to buy some straw it is only 50 rs.All three felt very happy and shouted “yes”. Bavuu buyed  3 straws and payed 150 because  50 times 3 eqauls to    150.And Havu and Hastik  buyed  12 straws .The shopkeeper said it costs 3000 Rs because 12 times 50 eqauls to 3000.Havu and Hastik didn’t have 3000 rs because they did not have money. Then they asked Bavuu, “how did you get so much money, dear friend?”  Bavuu replied, “I had money because I saved money, I will never buy anything too much. I will not waste any kind of thing so that I try to save money in all possible ways. Even now, only 3 straws are enough to build our little home”, he smiled.  Havu and  Hastik were poor because they didn’t save money. On hearing Bavuu’s answer, Havu and Hastik realised their mistakes and started saving money from that day. Next year, all three friends had their own little house.


Moral of the story : Never waste money, do not buy anything unnecessary, Save money and one day it will be of big help to you itself !


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