From Space to Earth


I am Dhakshin, I invited my best friend at school Gaurav for a play date on a Sunday morning. Me, my little sister Yaalini and Gaurav spent a nice fun game, playing at our apartment. Post lunch, all of us were tired and exhausted and mom ordered us to take a small nap. We all giggled and talked and then slept. When we woke up, we were shocked to see that we were not in our home. It is a different place, wait ! It is a different planet. Orange in colour. Oh ! my sister got a pointed nose and an orange tail and she is with me equally wondering. Where is my  friend Gaurav? I can hear his voice, but I cannot see him. I kept walking and searching , but all I saw was plain orange planet. And there I see finally – a door I thought the door is Gaurav.


Sa su se the door said and I asked if is Gaurav?Yes it said.wondered that it was a dream .Yes it was a dream.I woke up and got scared because it was a bad dream.Gaurav told he got the same dream.We both got scared.To my surprise there was presents around was my friend Gaurav’s birthday.We both have same date as birthday Nov 7. We all sang “Happpy birthday” together. My one year old sister sang “paapi beethday too koo” and kissed me 🙂



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