Honey Bunny in Solar System

Video of the story can be watched here

There were two astronauts named ‘Honey Bunny’. They really like science a lot. They were very brilliant since childhood and they wanted to explore the planet Saturn. Because

  • Saturn is the least dense planet in the Solar System
  • Saturn is a flattened ball
  • The first astronomers thought the rings were moons
  • Saturn has only been visited 4 times by spacecraft
  • Saturn has 62 moons
  • The length of a day on Saturn was a mystery until recently 

So, they wanted found Saturn as the most interesting planet and wanted to find the length of Saturn.

Now, they started in their spaceship from Earth. They landed in between Mars and Venus. As they wanted to go to Saturn, they thought of reaching there. Oh hoo, but they got into an argument. Bunny said , “Lets go via Venus then cross Mercury & Sun and try to reach Saturn the long way by visiting all planets”. Honey replied, “Oh no, that was not the plan. Let us go via Mars & cross  Jupiter and reach Saturn. That will be easy and possible one. What if we get burnt in the heat of Mercury and Sun ?”

They had a long disagreement. Finally they decided to take their own route but separately. Bunny started in his spaceship, while he was crossing Mercury near Sun, a comet splashed and hit Bunny’s spaceship & he was dead. But Honey took the right way and reached Saturn and started his project. Though he was happy about the project, he felt sad for his friend. “Wish Bunny had listened to me”, he thought yet he finished his project in Saturn and returned back to earth safely.

MORAL of the story : Use your brain, think wise and be safe !

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