Dhakshin the great !

Hello everybody my name is Dhakshin and I am going to tell 5 points about why I am great.

  1. I like studying and I am a tiger in maths. I have all puzzles on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My new puzzle is about fraction.
  2. I love cricket & I am  good at spin bowling and I whacked 102 fours and 2 sixes when I was playing. Last year myself and my dad went to watch IPL finals SRH vs RCB. This year also we are planning to go for the semi finals.
  3. I like blogging and I have wrote 10 blogs. I have also received an award for one of my blogs with Colgate magical stories – Honey Bunny in solar system.
  4. IMG_0190.JPGI am an expert at taking care of my sister and I like playing with her. I also feed her, sometimes I give her bath in the bath tub.
  5. I am very good at eating healthy food and I am good at helping others. I do not eat much junk food.

Now tell me, am I great or not ? 🙂


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