Meeting Chris Gayle mama

Hello everyone my name is Krish Dhakshin KV.Iam going to tell you 5 points about meeting Chris Gayle in Iona.

  1. When he came I gave him a handshake.He was wearing a black hat.
  2. When the music started  he was dancing.It was cool!
  3. He played a robotic game and cricket game in Iona.
  4. My friend Pranav got Gayle’s autograph on his bat.
  5. My mother clicked 2 photos of Gayle.I prepared a fan book to give him but they did not allow to give.It was too crowded.So me and my mother dicided to send it on mail/twitter/facebook to Gayle.Where there is a will , there is a way.

Now read and see the fan book I made. Is that awesome ?









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