Interview with my Janani athai and dad

My mother taught me about interview blogs. She asked me to choose one person to whom I will take interview. First I wanted to choose Shrujan because he is my apartment best friend, then mom told to choose elder like uncle or aunty. Then I choose Janani athai, my aunty, my father’s younger sister.  I did not choose my grandparents because they always come to Bangalore and they celebrate my birthdays and I know all about them. But, Janani athai have not come for any of my birthdays. And I really like her voice. When dad says “Dhakshin, Janani athai wants to talk to you”, she will say, “Dhakshuuuuu” in a super beautiful voice. I like her voice very much.

Ok, here are the questions and answers in our interview

Q1 : What is your hobby ?

Answer : Reading books

Q2 : Who is your favourite person in this world ?

Answer : Arshiya, my daughter

Q3 : Have you troubled my dad like Yaalu troubles me 😀 I wish you did haha !

Answer : No, I have never troubled my brother !

Q4 : What is your favourite memory with your brother ?

Answer : During one of my birthdays, there came a roadside vendor who sold accessories. I wanted to buy a chain from him. But said said no. But Kamal bought its secretly for me.

Q5 : Who was your best friend when you were little ?

Answer : Kavitha , she was my class mate for long time.

BQ ( Bonus question ) : What do you like about me ? About Yaalu ? About Arshu ?

Dhakshin : he doesn’t throw much tantrums (being a very good boy )

Yaalini : The way she repeats words now

Arshu : her eye lashes, naughtiness, basically everything

hi readers, did you read the answers ? if you have children at home, ask them to do an interview blog. It will be very interesting, my athai has answered nicely. Cheers !




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