Ten tips to help yourself when you are angry or upset

Hi friends ,this is my first blog in holidays .My mother told me that I am good in not showing my anger badly. So she suggested, “as you don’t fight or beat others, why don’t you write ten tips for readers”. Down below are my ten tips –

  1. When you are mad and upset, take a deep breath and count till four so you feel calm. Still you will feel mad but because you are calm, you can think on what to do.
  2. If you can’t get what you want stomp three times to help yourself feel better.
  3. If you are sad that you did not get something, so try to play or read or do something else. After your sadness is reduced, try again freshly.
  4. If you see somebody fighting as bad people, remember them and you stay out of their way.
  5. If you do something wrong, think what was your mistake and try to correct it and learn from it.
  6. It doesn’t matter if you come last or first there is always another chance.
  7. If you can’t do something you want to do, you have to try until you get better. Prepare yourself to achieve that.
  8. If you need more knowledge read lots of books.
  9. If you do something bad, you get something bad. So be careful not to do bad things.
  10. If you do something good you get something good. So always do positive things.

I’ll give some examples-

Like.. If you see two boys fighting don’t try to get in between them because they will hit you. So better stay away, keep yourself calm

Another example is, say it’s raining in a beach. you get very upset and mad because you cannot play there, all you plan is spoiled. But you cant stop rain. So take a deep breathe, make yourself calm, then decide how you can make an indoor beach, a pretend play and enjoy indoor until rain will be over. Later you can also enjoy real beach when the sand is not soggy. For Water, place a blue towel or blanket, for sand, a sandal towel or blanket. Add some shells with clay. Create sun with yellow clay or paper plate, use sand toys. How is my idea…? You can do this only if you are not angry and mad. So, be cool buddy!

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