Nature and Animals : Martin’s farm : A heaven on Earth

Hello readers ,

It was my friend Aanya’s birthday party last weekend. It was not the regular boring club house or house party.  It was a party in the farm named Martin’s Farm. It was heaven!

I was super excited! We started from our home in the afternoon in our Chevy Beat car. We were dressed in pink and blue as it was the dress code. I decided to help my dad with the Google Maps. My dad took a shortcut. On the way, both my naughty sister and me dozed off! But not for long, as we reached the place within 20 minutes.

When we entered the farm, it looked like a normal garden with plenty of plants and trees and no hint of animals. I was curious to see the animals. I met my friends who had arrived earlier.  I was going to the play area to play on the swing when I saw a goat. It was busy eating grass from the ground.

We were called by Aanya’s father for cake cutting. I drank juice and ate cake . After slurping the creamy cake, I decided to explore the farm. I was extremely happy to see several animals like turtle, donkey, emu, pony, sheep, snail, rabbit, turkey, ducks, chickens, birds ,chameleon and guinea pig.


We were introduced to Fiona – oh not the ogre from Shrek! Fiona was the aunty who was living in the farm and we called her madam as she told that she will teach about animals. She allowed us to feed some animals, feel and hold some animals and introduced us to the animals by their names. Some of the names that I still remember are Mr Feathers (the big emu) , Mr Thanks and his wife Mrs Giving (turkeys as people usually roast turkeys for Thanksgiving day I suppose) and Hook (Hook is a sheep which has a blind eye just like pirates who cover one eye. Hence his name is Hook like the pirate from Peter Pan) .We fed ducks, chickens, pony, goats, and sheep. We felt turtle’s hard shell and but very soft feet.  Fiona mam also showed me the web feet of the turtle. We were allowed to hold the guinea pig in our hands. It was soft and fluffy just like cotton. We touched the turkey’s tail. We held the tiny snail in our hands. I held a snail, it was very sticky and its head came out, I was very scared.


One of the big learnings for us was that the animals don’t like noise because they have ears which are powerful than ours and even if we whisper they can hear it (even if they are a mile away).  It was a place full of nature and animals. I got confused with two animals, the pony and the emu. I thought the pony was a horse and  I thought the emu was an ostrich. But I found out that it was a pony not a horse because the madam told me. The emu was in a cage so, outside it I found a label written Emu and found out this is an emu not an ostrich. I was told that the ducks eat bread but, it is not good for its health.


I asked lots of questions. The madam was teaching  how to feed the animals. Finally there was a bucket full of cabbage leaves and we were enjoying feeding all these animals.

I also heard from my parents that this is how life used to be in earlier days – full of green trees, nature, plants and animals being very friendly and human beings also living a simple life with no pollution and big apartments. You know what ? In Martin’s farm, there were no dustbins. We were shocked, and they said it is a zero-waste farm. They served food on washable plates and steel spoons. They had towels for wiping hands and no tissue papers. There were many vegetable plants like tomato, pumpkins, brinjal, chilly and many more I don’t remember the names.

Finally my friends and I had lunch, I chose pizza and corn cutlet (two pieces each) which was cooked there in the farm. We enjoyed tasting the yummy food.

What a natural place to visit! It was so fun!

Hope you like my blog.


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